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"In my recent experience in meeting Craig, I found him to be exceptionally professional. I also reviewed some of his legal work recently and found the complaint very well written and quite comprehensive. I would not hesitate to hire Craig to handle some of our legal work and highly recommend him to others seeking competent legal representation."

-Randall G

May 3, 2019

"When I was recently faced with a contempt charge for not following through on payments on taxes allegedly owed by my former spouse from our divorce in 2004, I was theoretically facing a claim by my ex-wife of some $75,000 or more.


I was fortunate indeed to be referred to Craig Young to assist me in sorting out a massive pile of IRS documents collected, and myriad spreadsheets compiled, by my ex-wife over the years.  To a mere mortal, this morass was daunting, scary and undecipherable. Craig took the almost 500 pages of letters, transcripts, and accounting that my ex-wife had accumulated over 15 years, and went to work. It took him some 20 hours to arrange everything and another 20 hours to analyze it.


In the end, however, when faced in arbitration with the stark realities of the accurate numbers and Craig's irrefutable logic as a foundation, my ex-wife had no choice but to settle with me for less than 20% of her original request, and on my terms and conditions.


Throughout this entire process, which lasted more than a year, I was continually satisfied with Craig's calmness and confidence, and with his determination to get to the solution of this complex numerical problem. Never once did I doubt that I was in the best hands available in his chosen area of expertise, and I came away completely satisfied with the results of his work.


I would unconditionally recommend Craig Young without hesitation to anybody that is seeking the highest quality tax attorney."


-Thomas B.

May 1st, 2019

"I looked high and low for someone who could address my companies business attorney needs AND tax. Those two people need to always be in contact with each other and I was tired of wasting money on using two separate firms and getting double billed. 

With CWY my prayers were answered. Craig is great to deal with. He makes complicated things easy to understand. He takes the time to look up additional items that are specific to my (not very common) industry.  I can also always get in touch with him... not like the others who I leave a message and have to wait days to receive an answer. 

Their business package saved me a ton of money last year! It was the first year in business for me so I had a ton of legal stuff to have drawn up and it would have cost me  triple elsewhere all because of the business package I purchased! Rates are really reasonable, a business writeoff, and even if you don't have  think you have a lot of stuff, I loved the feeling of being able to call my attorney and just run stuff by them just to make sure everything was on the up and up or how it would affect my taxes if I made this move or that move. 

Craig made me feel like he was my companies attorney/tax advisor with his personal attention and service! What else could you ask for?!?

-Natalie M. of Prestige Air A/C

January 1st, 2018

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